The Magic a Personal Trainer Can Do to Your Body


We do not follow the same lifestyle as our fathers and forefathers. This is because we find new ways to survive as time unfolds. We are now in an era where our lifestyle is quite life threatening! Long working hours, less sleep, junk food, and meager time to work out has pushed our tummies to a point where we cannot see our own feet. Many of you out there would have taken the same New Year resolution for the 100th time – to join a gym and shed those extras. But only a bunch of them stick to it forever! For all those who still need a second chance, here is a brilliant idea that will keep your strings intact “Hire a Personal Trainer”.

Now if you think only celebrities in the show biz can afford a fitness instructor you are in a mythical world! Unlike a few years back, fitness instructors have become affordable and more flexible. You can either hire a trainer at your gym or a trainer who can come home and guide you at affordable charges. Being and staying fit has not only become a trend but also has huge health benefits in the long run.

Here is what a personal trainer can do for you:

Customized Workout Plan – A personal trainer will analyze your needs and will design a customized workout plan just for you. Thus you save your time and also achieve your target effectively.

Source of Motivation – Remember the days when you used to go to the gym look at yourself in the mirror and lose the little confidence you had in your mind? Sometimes you can demotivate yourself! But a trainer never lets you down! He stays beside you, motivates you, and shows you the right way of doing it.

Safe Workout – Your limbs and other body parts can be assured of their safety now. You will now not have any chance of choosing the wrong weight for a cardio or weight exercise. A personal trainer will make sure that you lift the right weights and make the right moves so that you will not end up with a sprained neck or ankle.

Goal Oriented – Any work that is carried out without a goal is an incomplete work. You might not know the result of a particular work out or you will not be able to judge how much flab you can shed in a particular period. But a fitness trainer, being the expert they are, help you set and attain realistic and attainable fitness goals.

Measured Performance – It is quite hard to monitor or measure our own performance. A personal trainer monitors your fitness progress to make sure personal are on track. He measures your progress and makes the necessary adjustments. Thus a trainer ensures what you want is what you get.

Diet and Health Tips – Working out hard will make you hungry than ever but that is not an excuse to gorge in more food. Working out takes care of most of your fat burning tasks but diet also plays a major role in keeping you fit. Only a fitness instructor can assess you and your workout regime properly and suggest a diet that suits you best.

Added Commitment – Finally, when you have made yourself a commitment by hiring a personal trainer you will not miss the appointment. After all who wants to waste all the hard earned money by paying for a missed appointment!

When fitness instructors come with an array of advantages at an affordable charge, you have no worries of shelling out your hard earned money for a better health that you deserve. After all you earn to stay fit and fine so just like any other investment, you must invest in a good personal trainer today for a better health tomorrow!

Dan Clay is the owner of The No.1 Sydney Personal Trainer Directory. If you would like to book a free consultation with a personal trainer Sydney or a personal trainer Randwick visit personal trainer.

Personal Trainers
personal trainer
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On Resources: My Experience Explained

Find the Right Mental Treatment Hospital in Your Area

It is important to act fast and enroll your loved one in a mental treatment institution if he/she is suffering from psychosis. Your loved one will be loved and treated at the mental treatment center. When you start searching for mental health institutions, you will come across many that you can check out. However, keep in mind that not just any center will be right for your loved one. This means it is important to evaluate the centers you come across and compare them. Here are two things to consider when looking for a treatment center.

What Type of Treatment is Offered?
There are a number of mental health conditions that one can suffer from. Before choosing a treatment center, you should know which condition your loved one is suffering from. You should get your loved one diagnosed to know which condition he/she has. The condition can be diagnoses by a qualified mental health specialist. Choose a provider that is certified to diagnose and manage mental health conditions.

You should choose a mental health provider licensed to work in your state. The services that the mental health specialist can offer will depend on his/her level of qualification. When your loved one has been diagnosed, you can know which treatment center to take him/her to. Some of the common areas that the treatment centers may help patients with include family therapy, substance abuse, and depressions.
5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Treatments

A mental health treatment center may work in a number of settings. Some of the common settings that a center may be in include private practice, community settings or public hospital. Each of the settings has its own pros and cons. For example, mental treatment centers based in private practice are usually expensive compared to those in public hospitals.
Treatments Tips for The Average Joe

What People Say of the Treatment Center
You should also check the reputation of the mental health treatment center where you want to enroll your loved one. Keep in mind that you should enroll your loved one to a good treatment center to ensure he/she gets the best care. There are different ways in which you can get information or referrals of good treatment centers. If you do not know of any good treatment centers in your area, ask your colleagues at work for referrals.

The Internet is also a good place to search for mental health centers. If you have a list of centers you are considering taking your loved one to, read their reviews. Check what people say about the facilities and treatment offered. Make sure the center has qualified staff and is known to handle the type of condition your loved one has.

Following the two tips above will help you find the right mental training center that you can enroll your love done to.

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Why Should You Hire A Personal Trainer Oakland?


Hiring a Personal Trainer Oakland is an easy decision to make. Every year, the most common heard resolution is to have diet or reduce weight. Well, this is quite hard to do if you are lacking of motivation to do it. Commitment to get in to the shape you want to achieve needs a lot of pressure. You may have the initiative to do it, but in the middle of the training, you feel like quitting. Lack of knowledge and motivation is one of the concerns of Personal Trainer Oakland when you hire their services. They give extra effort in convincing the customers to go with them and do the fitness activities. Personal training is not just for athletes, celebrities or well-known people, you can also be part of the training. You may ask how you would know if the personal trainer you will hire is the one who can help you.

For some reasons, hiring a Personal Trainer Oakland is their knowledge. Considering that they are professional trainers, they will be able to help you with your physical problems. A personal trainer will teach you on the proper fitness activities that you will do. As you enter the gym, you may feel a little bit excited seeing those fitness machines and apparatuses. But, you have no idea on how to use such machines. The personal trainer will assist you and teach you how to use them and will guide you on the proper fitness activities that you need to do. They will design a program for you with time table showing the span of time you need to finish the training. With Personal Trainer Oakland, the personal trainer will not let you feel the pressure bring by those machines and other fitness equipment.

Safety is also one of the reasons why you should hire a personal trainer Oakland. You may hear some news saying that there are fitness facilities which are not safe and conducive to customers. With Personal Trainer Oakland, the facilities are safe to anyone. They put safety measures around their location and remind the customers about their safety. Also, talking about the fitness procedures, they make sure that all the activities that you will do are safe. They will put an eye on every activity that you will do. This will bring confidence on you because you feel a sense of security while doing the fitness activities. On the other hand, another reason why you should hire a personal trainer at Personal Trainer Oakland is their ability to bring changes in your body. Weight loss is one of their major concerns. At this point, you may try of having diet alone but still not working for you.

Personal Trainer Oakland helps you with the problems of weight loss. They prepare a customized program designed for you so you will be able to lose weight. They know the right thing to do when it comes to your nutrition. Right after the diet, there are proper maintenance and rehabilitation to avoid diet plateaus. It is possible because you may worry about the sudden changes in to your body. You may feel depress but they make sure that you will be able to overcome such incidence. There is some sports-specific training so you can have variety of fitness training. You can sometimes do some sporting events you like to add excitement on your training.

For many reasons mentioned above, you may now decide on hiring Personal Trainer Oakland. The most important reason you should look up to is the motivation factor. This is so much present at Personal Trainer Oakland. They are the one who will push you and drive you towards your fitness goal. They encourage you to finish your training program and provide you a positive feedback. This a good sigh that you are improving as the training goes by. You will have someone who you can lean on when talking about physical problems. Hiring Personal Trainer Oakland will definitely one of the best investment you can do for your body.

Personal trainer Oakland will help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Contact a personal trainer River Oaks now to get you fit and feeling great!

personal trainer
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San Diego Personal Trainer For You


A San Diego personal trainer will help you get into great shape. Motivating you unlike you will be able to motivate yourself. Pushing you to limits that you would never have pushed yourself to get to before. But those results you will see will be great and you’ll be glad that you have a personal trainer.

Any personal trainers that you think of hiring you need to ensure they have a certification. That will mean they have some sort of education behind their knowledge. This is an excellent idea, because they will be helping you out with your health and training. The more certifications that they have the better, just chose your personal trainer wisely.

Your San Diego personal trainer needs to know CPR and first aid. Even if you’re in great shape you should have a qualified person around in case something was to go wrong. The personal trainer you hire will be with you several times a week, so look for a person who you feel will be able to motivate you. In the end, what do you need most? Motivation to keep you going strong to strive for your goals.

During the first meet with your personal trainer they will not have you work out. Instead they will measure you, keeping that on file for comparisons later on. Also your fitness level will be assessed and they should get a full medical history from you. All of this information will be used by the personal trainer to set up your unique program.

Not only are they going to have you exercise, but your San Diego personal trainer should also set up a nutrition program for you. Most people when they start to exercise may change the way they eat a little, but not enough. With a combination that your personal trainer set ups you should be able to see some great results. Though it will be hard to at times fight those cravings your personal trainer may have some hints to help you through those times.

Most personal trainers will set up an exercise program that will go around five or three times each week. The time you exercise should be around 20 to 60 minutes each time. This amount of time spent exercising along with the right way too eat will help you with those pounds and inches coming off your body.

With a personal trainer you can use what they have learned in years of experience and school. They can help you reach goals that you may have tried before, but just couldn’t quite make it. Having you look the best you have for years is what they aim to do.

Find a personal trainer that will motivate you and have you going even when you feel like stopping. With their program and motivation, and your hard work those smaller sizes will soon be filling up your closet. So find that right personal trainer and get to work!

In closing, your San Diego personal trainer will be a person who you respect and are willing to go that extra mile for. So when you are looking for a personal trainer make sure that the person you pick is one who will best suit your needs.

Personal Trainers
personal trainer
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Photo: John Robson

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Oceanside Personal Trainer – Getting Fit the Old Fashioned Way


Hiring a Oceanside Personal Trainer will go a long way in helping you crush weight, build your physique and get into awesome shape quickly. The perfect trainer will be nationally certified with an accredited organization, such as ACE, ISSA, or NESTA, among others. Also, the perfect personal trainer, will have much experience with fat loss and muscle firming.

A Oceanside Personal Trainer can help motivate you, support you, guide you, push you beyond your limits, getting you the greatest results possible. He will watch you every step of the way, making sure you are executing every exercise correctly and safely, so you don’t hurt yourself. This is important when looking to retain a personal trainer.
Your personal trainer should have you working out at least 4 days per week. He will also have you following a raw and balanced menu program that tastes good and is easy enough to follow. This is important so you have longevity and consistency.

A experienced Oceanside Personal Fitness Trainer will have you lifting weights on a continual basis. Lifting weights tones your muscles, thus increasing your metabolism, allowing you to crush more fat than ever. Also, you should be doing some extremely intense stop and go cardio, known as interval training.

A great example of interval training will be doing a series of sprints, where you run 40 yards all out, then you walk back. As soon as you get back to the original starting position, you dash all out again. This type of anaerobic cardio will kick your metabolism into high gear, melting the fat away.

A good Oceanside Personal Trainer should also be super exciting and professional. They should be on time and there to serve you. Never should he be a burden to you. Too many personal trainers in Oceanside talk about themselves and their clients get tired of it. You want someone who is there to push you and keep you inspired.

Last, but certainly not least. Your personal trainer should to be in great shape himself. If he is out of shape or fat, there is no reason you should be letting this personal trainer to help get you in amazing shape. After all, a personal trainer who does not practice what they preach should not be in business. So make sure your athletic trainer is the part and has your best interest at heart.

I have seen many personal trainers over the years that just don’t know what they are doing. They are not certified by any credited agency or national organization, such as the personal trainers at 24 Hour Fitness and LA Fitness.

Make sure you personal trainer is reliable, professional, supportive, and most of all fun. You have to love working out with your personal fitness trainer in order to be consistent and have a great time. If not, it will be difficult for you to have sustainability.

So, make sure you do your due diligence before hiring a personal trainer in Oceanside or anywhere else.

Finding the right Personal Trainer Oceanside is not so easy. But, once you find the right Oceanside Program, you will be well on your way to losing fat and getting tone.

Personal Trainers
personal trainer
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La Jolla Personal Trainer – Start Your Fitness Today


Searching for a La Jolla Personal Trainer to push you in your workouts is an outstanding idea. They can motivate you, support you, keep you accountable, push you when you need it, and make your workouts fun and challenging.

But, finding a great La Jolla Personal Fitness Trainer can be a daunting task in itself. So many of these so call fitness trainers claim to know what they are doing, but in reality, don’t have any business training you or anyone for that matter.

There are a few musts when it comes to hiring an exceptional Personal Trainer in La Jolla. Make sure that any personal trainer you are thinking about hiring meets all of these must haves, before you hire any of them. Just missing one of these factors can mean doomsday for you.

First, and foremost, make sure that any La Jolla Personal Trainer you are thinking about hiring is nationally certified. And when I say certified, not 24 Hours Gitness or La Fitness certified. They only make their crappy trainers take some in-house 5 day certification course.

Nationally certified means be certifed by an accredited organizations, such as ACE, NESTA, ISSA, etc. These trainers must have the proper schooling and educational background, such as kinesiology, exercise physiology, and even nutrition.

Second, your personal trainer needs to have an extensive experience training all types of people. The best way to find this out is to ask for credible references from him or her. Talk to these references and ask them what kind of results they got with this personal trainer.

Third, your La Jolla Personal Trainer should be certified in CPR and first aid. In case something happens while your working out, there is someone who is experienced in taking care of you properly. This is a must. Don’t overlook this point.

Fourth, make sure your fitness trainer is 100% reliable. Your trainer should always be on time and never have you waiting for him or her. You need a reliable personal trainer to be there for you every workout. This goes a long way to you be successful.

Another important factor is that you should feel very comfortable with your personal trainer. Your trainer and you should connnect. Afterall, you are going to spending a lot of time and you need a trainer you like, and you look forward to seeing every workout. If you don’t like your trainer, then you success will be hurt.

And lastly, your La Jolla Personal Trainer should have a good knowledge about nutrition. Why? Because nutrition is 80% of the recipe to burning fat and building a great body. This you can find out simply by asking his past and or current clients. Make sure he or she knows what he or she is doing when it comes to putting together a nutritional program for you.

Follow these guidelines and you should have no problem findin a great personal trainer. And just watch your body burn fat and get all tone everywhere in record time.

Bottom line, you want to hire the best La Jolla Personal Trainer you can find. The right La Jolla Peronal Trainer will have you in great shape in no time. Remember to make sure your Personal Trainer

Personal Trainers
personal trainer
Image by City of Fort Collins, CO
Photo: John Robson

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La Jolla Personal Trainer – Getting You Fit Fast


Obesity is becoming a national problem and people are taking their health seriously in La Jolla. A La Jolla personal trainer is an option that many are turning to. Having a personal trainer makes you more accountable to yourself and one other person. It is great to workout with a friend but what if they are not as dedicated as you are or they become too busy to workout with you?

Having a La Jolla personal trainer guarantees that other person will be there and that person is invested in the outcome of your physical health. With the right trainer, you will have a person that knows how to get the results that you want from your body and not generic results for everyone.

So the next step is how to find a La Jolla personal trainer that suits your workout style. Not all people are aware that professional trainers have certifications and have studied in specific areas of physical training. Be careful to not hire someone that just advertises that they are personal trainer and in reality have no real idea of what they doing.

The next thing to consider is where you would like to workout. If you someone that is intimated by gyms and the perfect bodies that are already toned, or you would rather workout outside then you can find a personal trainer that will come to your home. Maybe you would rather have personal trainer at a gym so that you can workout on the newest, state-of-the-art equipment. If that’s the case you should contact your favorite gym and see what they have to offer in personal trainers.

Once you have determined the basics, meet with a potential trainer. Make sure they have the knowledge base for the type of workout you are looking for. If you are trying to rehabilitate from an injury, you will probably need a personal trainer that has the skill set to understand how to best get the result you are looking for.

Another point to mention is to make sure that you like your La Jolla personal trainer. This may sound like it is stating the obvious but this is a person you will be seeing at least twice a week. You will be talking about your body and the discussion may be talking about personal issues. Working out should be a joy, not a chore.

However, they are not there to be your best friend, you need a trainer that will be driven to ensure that you are getting the workout that you are looking for. In La Jolla, personal trainers are plentiful but you need to find one that is right for you.

If you are not comfortable with your trainer, it is not very likely that you will reveal information about personal issues, or even confessing about those extra calories you have been consuming in front of the TV.

If you decide to go with a personal trainer that comes to your home and is not affiliated with a gym or an organization, you should call a gym or different trainers.

Find out if you are getting a reasonable price for the length and frequency of your workout. Especially for the women of La Jolla, a La Jolla Personal Trainer should be researched thoroughly if they are coming to your home or place of employment. Find a Personal Fitness Trainer

Coexistence: HDR (from negative scan) – Canon Sure Shot 130 & Fuji ISO 400 Film
personal trainer
Image by Digital and Vintage Film Photography
Coexistence: HDR (from negative scan) – Canon Sure Shot 130 & Fuji ISO 400 Film – Photographer Russell McNeil PhD (Physics) lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia where he works also as a writer and a personal trainer.

Teen sexy yoga workout - Personal trainer workout - Yoga pants workout - Trainer sexy workout

Teen sexy yoga workout – Personal trainer workout – Yoga pants workout – Trainer sexy workout : Fitness is defined[5] as the quality or state of being fit. Around 1950, perhaps consistent with the Industrial Revolution and the treatise of World War II, the term “fitness” increased in western vernacular by a factor of ten.[6] Modern definition of fitness describe either a person or machine’s ability to perform a specific function or a holistic definition of human adaptability to cope with various situations. This has led to an interrelation of human fitness and attractiveness which has mobilized global fitness and fitness equipment industries. Regarding specific function, fitness is attributed to personnel who possess significant aerobic or anaerobic ability, i.e. strength or endurance. A holistic definition of fitness is described by Greg Glassman in the CrossFit journal as an increased work capacity across broad times and modal domains; mastery of several attributes of fitness including strength, endurance, power, speed, balance and coordination and being able to improve the amount of work done in a given time with any of these domains.[7] A well rounded fitness program will improve a person in all aspects of fitness, rather than one, such as only cardio/respiratory endurance or only weight training.

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Personal Trainer Helps You Achieve A Healthy Lifestyle


Personal trainers are people whose job is to help other people do their exercise and make a fitness program for them. Before they go for a job as a personal trainer in gyms, clubs, and any fitness centers, they must be qualified first. When working with a customer, personal trainer assesses customer’s overall health condition before making a fitness plan.

The recent trend to look slim and trim has led health conscious people to either avoid certain foods or restrict their intake. Such drastic methods may result in in losing some fat, but they always have grave repercussions on your health in the long run. Working out regularly for some time under the supervision of a personal trainer is a far better option than engaging in strict dieting.

However, a high percentage of people are sceptical about the benefits of working with a personal trainer, and express suspicion as to how effective the arrangement would be. As a matter of fact, engaging a personal trainer has many benefits for a person.

People can get fit by themselves. However, they may get fit slower, take a risk of quitting, and even harm themselves. Others who have personal trainer see the faster and more dramatic result. Personal trainers not only ensure a good and efficient program, they also provide motivation, stand with certain lifestyle modifications, and they maintain each exercise entertaining, advancing, and fun. But a lot of people are not certain about the effectiveness of regular workouts under the counseling of a personal trainer, and don’t think there is a good enough instance to get into such an arrangement. In fact, appointing a personal trainer has a lot of benefits for an individual.

Firstly, a personal trainer provides the motivation that you need to achieve your goals through a well planned exercise program. This will push you to make the best use of your abilities in maintaining your fitness and physique.

Secondly, a personal trainer, being a specialist, supervises you on the correct exercises and methods to use while working out, and will provide an exercise regimen and diet plan suited to your body and its specific needs. Thus you will be able to progress from an irregular exercise and dieting regimen to a more systematic and efficient one.

Thirdly, issues related to your health and fitness standard that you might be disinclined to face will be posed to you by your trainer. Your path to a longer and healthier life will also be cleared by a personal trainer who will plan for you strategies to battle against typical health issues.

Fourthly, preventive measures against injury and quick recuperation from an injury can also be taught by a personal trainer, and he can make you knowledgeable enough to continue with your workout without his instructions.

Lastly, a personal trainer develops in you an obligation towards the maintenance of your good health and makes you more aware and committed about your schedules and deadlines.

In a personal training program, you and your health related needs get full attention from your trainer. Optimizing your advantages from personal training is merely a matter of being sure about your needs and objective right at the beginning. Besides, perusing the trainer’s certificates and references will give you confidence that you are appointing the correct guy, and you must build a good communication with him once your sessions starts. If you work on all of these suggestions, personal training can lead to great benefits for you.

Find more about the most efficient slimming workout and weight management programme.

Lonely Day: HDR (from single RAW) – Sony DSLR-A300 with Pentax-M 200 mm (300mm with crop) 1:4.0 Prime (with Fotodiox PK-Sony Adapter)
personal trainer
Image by Digital and Vintage Film Photography
Lonely Day: HDR (from single RAW) – Sony DSLR-A300 with Pentax-M 200 mm (300mm with crop) 1:4.0 Prime (with Fotodiox PK-Sony Adapter) – Photographer Russell McNeil PhD (Physics) lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia where he works also as a writer and a personal trainer.

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Escondido Personal Trainer – Get Fit Today


Whether you have special needs, or just want a tailor-made program that suit your personal goals, an Escondido personal trainer and fitness specialist can fill this position rather well.

Many of the personal fitness trainers that are available have been through classes and are certified. They understand how diet and exercise go together, understand basic first aid, CPR, and can work other types of emergency medical equipment. They are also very good at personal encouragement, listen well, and can help you meet your goals.

Whether you’re looking for a personal trainer that is employed by one of the various exercise clubs in your area, or looking for a personal trainer for your at-home workouts, be sure to get recommendations concerning the fitness trainer from friends, family, or possibly your exercise club.

The best part about hiring a personal trainer is that you can speak to them concerning those exercises that are extremely difficult for you, and those exercises that are easy. You can have them help you focus on strength training, body building, weight loss, or just get in shape and being fit. You’ll find Escondido personal trainer or exercise specialists are found relatively easily. Look to your friends and family, ask at your local exercise clubs, and find one of these specifically trained exercise experts to get you into shape, help you lose weight, and to stay healthy and fit. Get fit now!

The whole point of a personal trainer is to tailor make a fitness program to you personally. They’ll understand where your goals are coming from, understand how to encourage you personally, and help you meet your fitness requirements.

There is no doubt that most Americans are going to need a fitness program of one sort or another. If you’re one that has trouble motivating yourself, then setting a date and time to meet a personal trainer can help. Many people have seen success with personal fitness trainers that don’t normally meet their goals with their own fitness program.

One of the basic principles of a personal fitness trainer is motivation. This means that they have probably taking classes on how to motivate you to meet your goals. If you don’t have goals, a personal trainer can help you set them, and of course, push you to meet them. Their knowledge about fitness and motivation is invaluable, and this is what makes them so good at allowing you to get in shape.

You’ll find personal fitness trainers in a variety of positions throughout your local area. You’ll find them at recreational clubs, city parks, body building gyms, private clubs, and often, at recreational resorts and vacation cruise lines.

If you would like to get in shape, and have trouble motivating yourself, a personal fitness trainer can be the answer. Many of them have been trained at personal motivation as well as exercise and health. Whether you’re trying to get in shape for a special event, or are looking for a personal trainer for a lifetime of fitness, you’ll find a variety of them available.

An Escondido Personal Trainer can be found rather easily either through your Internet connection, or recommendations of friends and family. Look to these specifically trained Personal Trainers to get you in shape, help you with your diet, and to stay healthy and fit for life.

Departure Bay: Digital HDR (from single jpg) – Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ10
personal trainer
Image by Digital and Vintage Film Photography
Departure Bay: Digital HDR (from single jpg) – Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ10 – Photographer Russell McNeil PhD (Physics) lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia where he works also as a writer and a personal trainer.

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My Personal Trainer Diary-Why I Became A Personal Trainer


Copyright (c) 2013 Ness Lee

My Personal Trainer Diary – Why I Became A Personal Trainer

I loved High School, but I just hated the actual school work. Not that I ever thought much about what I wanted to be when I “grew” up, but I just knew something “academic” was not for me. That was until I discovered Personal Fitness Training and that I could actually become a Personal Trainer, but that was years later.

You see, I loved sports, and I loved playing team sports too, but I never considered that I could ever achieve any kind of career in sports. When I said I never considered it, I mean, I never even thought about it. So, I just struggled on in High School, but knowing what I know today, I would have paid a lot more attention to Biology and Health.

I played several sports and loved them, and also the teams I was in. We were all competitive and it was fun. We weren’t world beaters at any particular sport, but we sure were in the enjoyment and friendship department.

After I finished school, I got a job with a travel agency and discovered I just loved dealing with, and helping people. It was a great job perks wise, but money wasn’t very good, so then I got a job in a bank, in customer service, and that was fun. Even the complaints department brought out the inner counselor in me.

During this time I joined a gym, and the rest as they say, is history. One day, whilst talking to a personal trainer, I thought I would love to have a job like that. Cheryl, my Personal Trainer and I became good friends. She was doing further study to further her career, and it was at that time, I decided to become a Personal Trainer.

Now bearing in mind how bad I was with my school work, and nothing academic interested me, I was ablaze with the excitement of my study, training and even exams, to become a Professional Personal Trainer. I loved the study, the projects, the challenges, everything. I googled everything about becoming a Personal Trainer. I researched everything about Personal training. I had found my passion. I have been a Personal trainer now for over 4 years and have loved every minute of it.

I decided to write this article, because I often get asked, “What’s the best and worst part of being a Personal Trainer?” or “How Can I become a Personal Trainer?” or “What’s it like being a Personal Trainer?”, so this blog is about the advantages and disadvantages of being a Personal Trainer.


1. Doing what I love.

2. Helping People Achieve Their Personal Fitness Goals.

3. Working in a Gym with other great Personal Fitness Trainers.

4. Being Part of a Great Personal Trainers Team.

5. Being Part of a Fitness Community.

6. Being with Like minded people who are into Personal training and Fitness.

7. I am motivated and excited by my clients success.

8. The multifaceted aspects of being a Personal Trainer. e.g. Nutrition, Diet.

9. Flexible Hours.

10. It’s not really work.


1. Very early morning starts to meet clients needs (okay once I get there).

2. Late evenings to meet clients needs.

3. Pay is not great if you are working in a gym.

Anyway, that’s my little bit. Hope this helps you. Have a great day!


For other fitness and personal training info I use and they are also on facebook

Personal Trainers
personal trainer
Image by City of Fort Collins, CO
Photo: John Robson

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